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Justin Dizon

About Me

University of California Davis graduate, 94 Feet of Game (Phil Handy) certified basketball trainer, Kobe Bryant Basketball Academy “Most outstanding Coach”, Michael Jordan Flight School Basketball Instructor. Coast-to-Coast experience working Basketball camps for Stanford University, Syracuse University, Philidelphia 76ers, and the Brooklyn Nets. Coach Justin has a wide variety of experience at all levels and can help you achieve your basketball goals.

Coach Justin w/ Michael Jordan at his Flight School Basketball Camp .

Personal Training

Experience personalized, in-depth basketball coaching from one of the industry’s finest teachers. You’ll not only master fundamental movements essential for success on the court but also receive tailored instructions designed specifically for you as an individual player. Moreover, you’ll gain mentorship and guidance not only to execute these techniques but also to develop the mindset necessary to achieve success.

Introductory Session

Receive expert evaluation and feedback in this introductory session w/coach. During this session, the athlete receives a complete workout, while being evaluated on their current skill level and needs. Come see if this program is a good fit! Includes 15 Minute Free Evaluation 60 minute Training Session  

Session Length: 75 minutes


1 session

Starter Package (2-3 sessions per week)

In-Person Training for a single athlete
Increase skill and move in to the starting line-up
Session Length: 1 hour


10 sessions ($81/ea)

Get Off the Bench Package

5 Sessions to help you get off the bench and into the game.
Session Length: 1 hour


5 sessions ($85/ea)

MVP Package In-Person

Take you game to it’s highest potential.
Session Length: 1 hour. 


20 sessions ($80/ea)

Fundamental Package In-Person

Build a strong foundation with fundamental training.
Session Length: 1 hour


3 sessions ($90/ea)

Siblings Package In-Person

In-Person Training for up to 2 family members.
Session Length: 1 hour


5 sessions ($130/ea)

Small GroupTraining (3-6)

$180 Max Price for 6 players and cost is adjusted according to how many athletes attend. $30 each person, however, no less that three players for a group session. 


Session Length:
1 hour



University of California-Davis (CA)

Coaching Experience

17 years




Adults, Kids, Teenagers


Guard, Forward, Center


Shooting, Rebounding, Reading the Floor, Post Moves, Pick and Roll, Passing, Moving Without the Ball,  Footwork, Defense, Ball Handling, Attacking the Rim, Agility

More About Coach Justin

Coaching Experience

Industry Certifications:

Athletic Highlights:

Most importantly, I grew up living & playing in the housing projects. The toughness required to endure the challenges in that environment is an athletic highlight in it of itself. I use my experiences, knowledge, and compassion to mold my athletes to become the best versions of themselves. My passion is teaching the youth or anyone willing to learn this beautiful game.

Warm Regards, 

Coach Dizon

Session Plan

From the first session changes and alterations will be visible in the athlete’s game in regards to skill and technique. Sessions vary depending on the individual’s skill level, needs, and personal goals. New athletes receive an assessment which is conducted during the first training session. Basic Session Example: (5 mins) Before the session begins, we greet and discuss the game plan for the day and utilize this time to get in touch with athlete(s) emotional and physical needs if any accommodations need to be made accordingly. 

Client Review

If your are reading this review, look no further! Coach Justin is an elite trainer with an impressive resume. My 16 year olds on have trained with numerous trainers and Coach Justin is next level. Elite training comes with a price, but most importantly ,results.


Coach Justin did an incredible job with my 8-year-old, working through fundamentals to prepare him for try-outs. Great train in gall-around and would highly recommend him!


Coach Justin conducted a thorough initial workout with my son. I immediately booked additional sessions with Justin. My son is looking forward to training and improving his basketball skills.


Amazing coach. Will help train your fundamentals and show you how to apply it to in game situations. Highly recommend!


Coach Justin is great with my 9 year old. He keeps him engaged and learning the whole time. My son is really happy to work with Justin.


Justin is a great coach and a great guy. I’m so happy I found him.


Coach Justin has provided training above our expectations. Not only does he work well with the trainee, he is professional and detailed oriented. Each session is tail or ed to the trainee’s skill set and progression. Most importantly, Coach Justin empowers while training to ensure that the trainee’s mind set is in the right place. It is evident that he has a passion for the game and it’s more than a job to him. Would highly recommend!


Justin worked with my middle schooler and high schooler. Different teens, different goals. He met them both at their level. My kids both said he was good, gave them information they can use to practice going forward and want to do some more sessions this summer. Absolutely recommend


Coach Justin was just what my kids needed. He was good at assessing their ability and use the first less on to go over the both the physical and mental aspects of basketball. He is very down to earth and positive and provided good guidance. Looking forward to getting more lessons from a good coach.


Daniel enjoyed the session. Honesty was a very big factor for me (Mrs. Benjamin) and the love of teaching the next generation players. I truly appreciate Coach Justin and how he pays attention to details about Daniel. Thank you so much Coach Up for a Coach like Coach Justin D. We are booking more sessions too! Thank you, Mrs. Benjamin


Honestly down to earth guy great instructor made my session super personal and about my growth. Looking for ward to more learning from coach J-thanks again for helping my jump shot!!! Was much need


Coach Justin is very detail oriented, focused and real. He really wants the best for his client sand helps you empower yourself to get to that level and hold yourself accountable, he makes the game fun for you and is very relatable.


My son, 7 year old, and daughter 9 year old, enjoyed training with Coach Justin a lot! They are new to the game and wanted to improve their skills. Coach Justin explained a lot of basic fundamentals to them so that they can understand how to apply it. He also motivated them and push them to work hard during the drills while making it fun at the same time. We are very happy to have found him to help with our training. Looking for ward to more sessions!


Coach Justin was amazing-I haven’t played in a long time and I wanted to start again with an assess ment on where my game is at currently, as well as receiving guidance on which areas to work on. After a great training of the fundamentals, he has provided a comprehensive and detailed feedback summary on my game, and how to continue progressing it. It was a great session sand I would recommend coach to any one looking to improve their game.



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